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    Note for editors – “Ducati Performance exhaust systems by Akrapovič”, 60 seconds of excellence

    With a 60-second video on, Akrapovič illustrates all the excellence that has gone into developing the exclusive Ducati Performance exhaust on the Panigale.
    In just one minute the Slovenian firm – Ducati partner in the MotoGP and Superbike championships - sums up the skill, know-how and outstanding teamwork of engineers, designers and technicians that led to this truly refined result.
    Light yet strong titanium. This is the starting point for the machining process needed to obtain the Ducati Performance exhaust on the Panigale: the most exclusive accessory on the latest generation of Ducati Superbikes. This is a complete exhaust kit. Made entirely of titanium, it also features a carbon fibre heat guard and exceeds all the aesthetic, quality and performance expectations of even the most demanding riders or the most sophisticated customers.


    Ducati to attend the Motor Bike Expo of Verona with the XDiavel and all-new draXter concept bike

    • Motor Bike Expo, to be held in Verona from 22 to 24 January, offers the perfect showcase for the new Ducati cruiser world
    • An original styling project by the Ducati Design Center to be exhibited
    • This sports interpretation of the XDiavel world has been named the draXter

    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 22 January 2016 – At the coming Motor Bike Expo of Verona (22-24 January) Ducati will be exhibiting a further addition to its XDiavel cruiser world, the all-new draXter. This “concept bike” interprets the XDiavel world from a sports viewpoint. The project was developed by the Ducati Design Center's Advanced Design area, a section dedicated to exploring the future style and design concepts of Ducati motorcycles.Their ideas and sketches have allowed the Ducati prototype department to come up with the draXter, starting from a standard production XDiavel. The beating heart of the draXter is that of an extreme dragster with premium racing componentry. This is particularly evident, for example, in the suspension and brakes, taken directly from the Panigale Superbike. This styling exercise has accentuated the lines and proportions of the XDiavel making them more extreme than ever and turning the draXter into a unique, breath-taking "racer".The number 90 on the side of the Ducati draXter recalls the racing world, yet also pays homage to Ducati's 90th anniversary, being celebrated this year.The draXter, like all the new XDiavel cruiser bikes, will be at the Motor Bike Expo, on the Ducati stand (Hall 4 Stand 23 C), until Sunday 24 January. In addition to the unprecedented concept bike and XDiavel and XDiavel S factory bikes, visitors will also be able to take a look at the brand's new Cruiser range of accessories and apparel.





    Ducati Scrambler unveils three new specials at the Motor Bike Expo of Verona

    • The Ducati Scrambler Land of Joy will be at the Verona Motor Bike Expo from 22 to 24 January
    • Peace Sixty2, Revolution and Artika: three new Ducati Scrambler proposals that carry the signatures of Italian designers and customizers
    • The Ducati Scrambler stand will host a demonstration of the art of personalisation on 23 January

    Borgo Panigale, Bologna (Italy), 21 January 2016 – The Land of Joy will be at the Motor Bike Expo from 22 to 24 January with three Ducati Scrambler-based specials. Called Peace Sixty2, Revolution and Artika, these customized bikes will be previewed during the Verona held event on the Ducati Scrambler family stand.Following the Ducati Café Racer Scrambler, the imaginative Verona-based builder Mr. Martini has now come up with his second Scrambler-based creation. This is the Peace Sixty2. Based on the new Sixty2, it has an even “racier” feel than the previous special designed by this builder, largely thanks to its 1960s-style fairing. The plexiglass nose fairing designed by Mr. Martini for this bike (giving prominence to the original headlight), the handlebars, the single-seater tailpiece, the Termignoni exhaust and hand-crafted leather seat all make the Peace Sixty2 something truly unique. Further contributions to its originality also come from a series of details and graphic elements, such as the symbols that recall the concept of peace.With the Peace Sixty2 Mr. Martini also aims to express a state of mind. Indeed, the idea behind this bike took shape during the recent tragic events in Paris, a city extremely dear to Mr. Martini, where he has showcased his creations at numerous events and exhibitions.Revolution is a Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 that has undergone the full bobber style treatment. This bike is characterised by several elements, all hand-crafted by Officine Mermaid, the same team that previously came up with the Ducati Scrambler Scratch. Specially for the Revolution, this Milan-based builder has come up with a leather rider-only seat as well as new fork yokes and a new plate holder. Dedicated on-tank pin striping nicely offsets the black colour scheme so typical of bobber bikes. The 17’’ front and rear wheels emphasise the bike's custom character. Dario Mastroianni, founder and customizer of Officine Mermaid, named the bike Revolution to highlight just how sweeping the changes to it have been. Low-slung and wicked-looking like any self-respecting bobber, the Ducati Scrambler Revolution is as essential as can be, stripped of everything that's not strictly necessary.Lastly, the Dario Lopez Studio has put its signature to the Ducati Scrambler Artika, a modern take on the Ducati Pantah Ice project of the late 70s, one of the iconic bikes displayed at the Ducati Museum in Borgo Panigale. The latter used to take part in the Ice Trophy, a competition reserved for Ducati Pantah bikes alone. The Ducati Scrambler Artika retains the colour scheme of its yesteryear counterpart: sporting a fluorescent yellow, its vintage graphics offer intriguing nuances of blue. The mechanics, based on the Icon version, take centre-stage thanks to clever old-style highlighting of the essence and shine of the aluminium. Chunky, Pirelli tyres with ice studs make the Ducati Scrambler Artika a bike with a personality as extreme as it is unique.The Verona Motor Bike Expo will be packed with events, especially on Saturday 23 January when visitors to the Ducati Scrambler stand will get the chance to see the art of personalisation in action as customizers go to work on Scrambler fuel tanks.And, thanks to a vast range of accessories designed to give the bike a cool touch of uniqueness, the world of Ducati Scrambler customization is accessible to all. In fact, the Ducati Scrambler stand at the Verona Motor Bike Expo will be showcasing four different bikes customized using only official Scrambler accessories, clearly demonstrating just how much - and how easily - this very special Ducati motorcycle can be made even more special.

    Ducati Scrambler Artika



    Ducati Scrambler Revolution



    Ducati Peace Sixty 2

    1-Peace_Sixty2_with_customizer.jpg2-Peace Sixty2_01.jpg


    Disponibili le nuove biciclette Bianchi-Ducati

    • MTB, modelli Sport, Junior, Kids e E-bike nella nuova gamma Bianchi di bici Ducati
    • Le biciclette Ducati sono distribuite in Italia da Alpen, società del gruppo Bianchi

    Borgo Panigale (Bologna), 20 gennaio 2016 – Contenuti tecnologici elevati, stile e design italiano. Sono queste le caratteristiche peculiari della gamma 2016 delle biciclette a marchio Ducati progettate da Bianchi, confermando la sinergia e la vicinanza di questi due iconici marchi Made in Italy. Tante e interessanti le biciclette della nuova gamma per il 2016, con i modelli MTB, Sport, Junior, Kids e E-bike.Le biciclette Bianchi-Ducati sono in vendita in tutta Italia in alcuni selezionati Ducati Store, oltre a essere distribuite nei negozi specializzati di bici. I prezzi variano da 349 euro a 899 euro per le MTB, da 689 euro a 769 euro per le Sport, da euro 279 a 309 per le Junior, da 169 euro a 189 euro per le Kids mentre le bici elettriche, tutte a motorizzazione Bosch, vanno da 2.250 a 2.690 euro.
    Ogni segmento ha una sua precisa caratterizzazione. Le biciclette Ducati destinate ai più piccoli sono ispirate nella grafica al Monster e alla Hypermotard, due moto simbolo della Casa di Borgo Panigale. Le MTB si distinguono per l’impostazione decisamente sportiva, che tanto accomuna Ducati e Bianchi. I modelli di bici Sport e E-bike, infine, hanno una forte impronta di modernità e tecnologia e un curato mix di innovazione e tradizione.
    Le bici Ducati sono distribuite da Alpen, società del Gruppo Bianchi.
    Tutte le informazioni sui nuovi modelli Banchi-Ducati sono disponibili sul sito

    World Ducati Week 2016: the countdown has started

    • From 1 to 3 July at the Marco Simoncelli Misano World Circuit
    • Time to celebrate Ducati's 90th anniversary at the ninth edition of the WDW
    • The WDW has always stood for motorcycles, riders, a racetrack and tons of passion

    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 14 December 2015 – The event which Ducatisti from all around the world most look forward to is already on the agenda. From 1 to 3 July 2016 the international Ducati community in its entirety will be celebrating their shared passion for the Bologna-made bikes at the World Ducati Week to be held at the Marco Simoncelli Misano World Circuit.The ninth edition of the WDW will provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate Ducati's 90th anniversary with fans and Ducatisti from all over the world. The Ducati story began on 4 July 1926 when the three brothers, Adriano, Bruno and Marcello Cavalieri Ducati, assisted by their father Antonio, founded the Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati company. Since then the Bologna-based firm, driven by its unique engineering talent, has created motorcycles of inimitable design and a strong sporting character.
    In 2014 there was a record-breaking turn-out at the global Ducati gathering with over 65,000 attendees coming from five continents and as many as 56 countries from all over the world. Ducatisti joined the event from the USA, Europe, Australia, Russia and India as well as Brazil, China, Malaysia and even Gabon, Iceland and Nepal, all united by their passion for Ducati bikes. Only an event like this brings out the best of Desmodromic passion.
    The multitude of participants expected at this edition will be able to see and try out the new models presented at EICMA including the XDiavel and the Multistrada 1200 Enduro. They will have a chance to chill out in the relaxed atmosphere of the Land of Joy within the Ducati Scrambler area and of course they'll also be able to have fun on the track with test rides and the Ducati Riding Experience. The Ducati MotoGP and Superbike riders will be present too, as will be the great passion and enjoyment which have characterised the WDW ever since the first edition held in 1998.
    The countdown has already begun and over the next few months the programme will be available, together with detailed information on how to take part in World Ducati Week 2016, on the official website

    "Ducati, 90 Jahre italienische Exzellenz"

    Das Werk ist Ducati gewidmet und verfügt über 12 Kapitel in der Geschichte, Motorräder und Sport der "Reds von Borgo Panigale"
    Das vom Artioli Verlag erschienenen Buch feiert die ersten 90 Jahre der Ducati und ist im Buchhandel erhältlich


    Am Wochenende vom 12-14 August wird die Steiermark imMotoGP-Fieber sein. Der Red Bull Ring,eine der schönsten Rennstrecken der Welt,wird die Bühne sein.
    Begleitet und unterstützt unsere Moto-GP Piloten AndreaDovizioso und Andrea Iannone bei unserem Heimrennen und erlebt die Rückkehr derMoto-GP gemeinsam mit tausenden Ducati Fans aus aller Welt.
    Eine riesige Leinwand direkt vor der Tribüne garantiert,dass man keine Sekunde des Rennens übersieht.
    Mit dem Kauf dieser speziellen Eintrittskarte erhält man Zugangzur Ducati Tribüne (Tribüne Nord) und kann von dort das Rennen aus einereinzigartigen Perspektive erleben.
    Dein Ticket mit einem speziellen Ducati-Fan-Kit, bestehendaus einem T-Shirt, einer Ducati Kappe und einer Ducati Fahne ist ab 01. Februarbei dem von dir ausgewählten Händler abholbereit.
    Die Bezahlung des Tickets muss erst bei Abholung direktbeim Händler erfolgen.
    Bestelle dein Ticket mit dem Ducati-Fan-Kit um nur 179,00Euro und schon ist ein Platz für dich gebucht

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    Live streaming for the Ducati World Première 2016

    • Presentation of Ducati 2016 model range also to go ahead on live web feed
    • Ducati World Première 2016, Monday 16 November, to precede the opening of EICMA 2015
    • Enthusiasts from all over the world will be able to link up via the internet

    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 9 October 2015 – The countdown to the Ducati World Première 2016 – the official presentation of Ducati models for the coming season – has begun. The event will begin at 4 p.m. on Monday 16 November, the day before EICMA 2015 opens its doors to the press.As in 2015, the Ducati World Première will be streamed live on the web, where Ducatisti all over the world will be able to experience the unveiling of the latest Ducati bikes for 2016 as it happens.The very latest models, together with the new Monster 1200 R already presented at the Frankfurt IAA, plus the full range of Ducati accessories and apparel, will be exhibited to the public at the 73rd International Motorcycle Exhibition (EICMA 2015) at the Fiera di Milano exhibition area in Rho from 19 to 22 November.
    Further details on the Ducati World Première 2016 will be released over the coming weeks.
    To follow the event just go to the dedicated Ducati web page at

    What is Black ?

    28 September 2015
    Note for Editors - This is Black, Ducati storytelling changes shape

    It is time to tell a new story for Ducati. The story about to begin is refined, elegant and mysterious. And it is heading towards a new universe,
    as yet unexplored by the Company. A universe which will come to life on November 16, the date we will finally unveil all the innovations ready for 2016.
    The story begins with a project called “This is Black” and is developed across three different forms of expression: a multimedia installation,
    video mapping and two unpublished musical tracks.
    The project kicks off locally: as part of the Bologna Design Week (from 30 September to 3 October) and at the international electronic music and digital arts event,
    roBOt Festival (Bologna, 7 to 10 October).
    A new story to tell, which can be followed on the website and on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fans can join the conversation regarding the new story using the #xducati hashtag.